Read-through Mon 7th Aug 1930h, Auditions Thu 10th Aug 1930h, please contact Mike Walker directly if you would like to be considered but cannot attend on these dates.

The Clink


N.B. Characters in the same colour are doubled. These must be clearly distinct from each other, so accents and physicality will be important.

There is a sprinkling of rants and short songs throughout the play, none of which require a fantastic singing voice. Most are sung quite roughly, but actors will need to be able to keep in time. Overall, The Clink is an ensemble piece and an opportunity to show versatility, with moments of high comedy and some terrific one-liners, but with some darker overtones at the end of the play.

Character Descriptions

Thomas Bodkin - a fool, brother of Lucius. A traditionalist, unwilling to let Lucius experiment with their act.

Davenport - a Catholic nobleman, conspirator against the throne. Confident in himself, but ensnared by Zanda.

Gridling - a roarer (a young man who carouses publicly, drinks, brawls and commits petty crimes), Beatrice’s opponent in the comical ‘duel of insults’. A blustering coward.

Playing age: 20s to mid-30s

Elizabeth - a monarch. On her deathbed, uncommunicative at times, but still capable of command and passion. At times sardonic, distant, determined.

Playing age: Elizabeth was 69 when she died. Could be played by a slightly younger person as her white make-up will mask her true age.

Warburton - a privy councillor, father of Beatrice. The villain of the piece - he is manipulative, hungry for power and willing to do whatever it takes, while setting up others to take the fall. Highly intelligent, can turn on the charm if need be.

Playing age: over 45

Beatrice - a lady-in-waiting, Warburton’s daughter. Initially strong and independent, she resents the restrictions imposed on her due to her sex. Encouraged but also manipulated by Zanda, her maidservant. Has become a lost soul by the end of the play.

Playing age: 20-35

Lucius Bodkin - a fool, brother of Thomas. Sees himself as a comedy pioneer. Open and trusting, he is an easy target for Warburton’s manipulations. Leading role, must be able to portray every emotion.

Playing age: 20s to mid-30s

John Frobisher - chief privy councillor. Honest and loyal to the throne, he is desperate to get Elizabeth to name her successor, and to secure support from the Dutch against the Catholic plotters.

Hieronymous Bodkin - a fool, but deceased. Father of Lucius and Thomas, he was a famous comic in his day, and expects Lucius to follow in his old-school footsteps.

The Captain - a connoisseur of the duel. A comic character, particularly enjoys seeing blood spilt and disgusted by the concept of a ‘duel of insults’.

Playing age: over 45

The Guard - employed by the throne, but has a mind of his own and happy to indulge in a bit of banter.

John Butler - a sorcerer and alchemist. Comic character, employed by Frobisher and Lucius, he has a sardonic sense of humour. Wise to the world, he provides Lucius with guidance.

The Bishop - a prelate. Self-serving, interested only in his own wealth and comfort, he colludes with Warburton but falls foul of Elizabeth’s wrath.

Drysdale - a pedant. Drysdale is the arbiter of the ‘duel of insults’, an ancient scholar and a stickler for the rules, although easily swayed by a loaded pistol.

Playing age: over 40

Zanda - maidservant to Beatrice. A slave girl captured by the Spaniards, she is feisty and fiery, loyal to Beatrice but willing to conspire with Warburton to engineer her freedom.

Playing age: 20-35

Abraham men, Dutch delegation, Ice-dwellers - ‘Chorus’ parts, will be played by any character not needed in that scene (except for Elizabeth and possibly Lucius). If there is enough interest some more people could be added to these, there will be plenty of participation including musical numbers.

Playing age: Any

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