Read-through Mon 27th Mar 1930h, Auditions Wed 29th Mar 1930h, please contact Gary Winn directly if you would like to be considered but cannot attend on these dates. First rehearsal to be announced.


The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

Every drama group has experienced the odd thing going wrong on the night. But the Farndale Ladies are an exception in that everything that could go wrong does. Scenery collapses, cues are missed, lines forgotten and the effects team are on a different planet. And just in case the audience should get bored there are holiday slides, a quiz and a fashion show.

This is a play for 4 women and one man. The women play many characters but it is important that the character of the real person shines through no matter what. The danger in this play is to ‘play for laughs’ – it is vital that all the characters are played with sincerity in order for the comedy to work.

CAST : All Parts are fairly physical, particularly Mrs.Reece . There are quick changes, falls and much running about back stage. The whole cast will be expected to sing and move a bit in the Finale (See Tavares – Whodunnit, on YouTube).

Character Descriptions

Gordon (Any age) – The stage manager. Coerced at the last minute to play Inspector O’Reilly. Must be played as if he’d never been on stage before. Horror struck to begin with but warms to the audience smiling to them at inappropriate moments. He has a dance with Thelma.

Mrs. Reece (age 40 – 60) – Doyen of the group. Very posh, she thinks she is younger than she really is. Attempts to be girlish in her various parts.

Thelma (age 30 – 50) . Quite smart (she won Miss. Farndale last year!) Takes it all very seriously , constantly challenges Mrs. Reece. She has to make an attempt at tap dancing.

Felicity (age 20 – 30) . Youngest of the group but she has a young child. A bit dopey with lots of false entrances. Scared of Mrs. Reece.

Audrey (age 50 – 70). Makes every effort to act but unfortunately forgets lines, mixes words up and she is prone to corpsing.

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