Separated from her twin brother Sebastian after a shipwreck, Viola disguises herself as the male Cesario to serve Duke Orsino of Illyria. Wooing the Countess Olivia on his behalf, Viola/Cesario is stunned to find herself the object of Olivia’s affections.

   With the arrival of Viola's brother, Sebastian, and a trick played upon the countess's steward  Malvolio, by maid Maria, Olivia’s uncle  Sir Toby Belch, and the moronic gormless Sir Andrew Aguecheek, confusion reigns in this classic romantic comedy of mistaken identity and “wooing by proxy.”

Report by:  Peter Parlour (NODA Rep. District 6) on Sat 24 Mar 2012
Venue:  Georgian Theatre Royal, Richmond
Producer/Director:  Jim Brown

RADS certainly did Shakespeare proud, in the ideal setting of the Georgian Theatre. There were many excellent performances in the romantic comedy telling the tale of Olivia and her many suitors. The role was brilliantly played by Harriette Moore in this, her very first play. Orsino was very well played by Martin Ash, and also in pursuit of her hand was Sir Andrew Aguecheek, in a brilliant performance by Gary Winn, his best yet for the company, urged on by Sir Toby Belch, outstandingly portrayed by Mike Walker. Olivia, however has her eyes on Cesario, played by Paige Gillespie, a young man who is, in fact, Viola, a young lady in disguise.

Malvolio, excellently played by Trevor Allen, thinks he is in line for Olivia’s hand because of certain anonymous letters. The plot becomes more and more complicated, as Olivia’s maid, well played by Amanda Heitler, sets her plans in motion. The clown, Feste, Olivia’s servant was again excellently played by Bruce Cunningham, getting everything mixed up and thinks Sebastian is Cesario, well played by Stewart Kerr. Following a duel, Antonio,played by Andy White gets everyone mixed up.
The comedy really flowed throughout the play. Other parts were played by Warnock Kerr (Fabian) and Max Walker (Valentine, Law officer, and Priest). This really was a brilliant production, with lovely costumes and adequate scenery.